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DR. ANUJ JAIN, M.B.B.S., M.S. (Orth), D.N.B. (Gold Medalist)

Dr Anuj Jain is a well known joint replacement surgeon in Delhi NCR. He has been practicing orthopaedics for more than 15 years.

Consultant Noida Leading Orthopedic
Dr Anuj Jain - Knee and Joint Specialist. He has served thousands of patients from around the Delhi-NCR. 100% Recovery Rate. Fast Recovery.

Dr. Anuj Jain key expertise are....

  • Orthopedist, Joint Replacement Surgeon, Sports Medicine & Trauma cases
  • Trust an Experienced Surgeon for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine. High-Quality Orthopedic & Joint Pain Clinic. Knee & Shoulder Disease, Best results.
  • Among the finest Orthopedist in the DElhi-NCR, Dr. Anuj Jain (Sant Parmanand Hospital) in Civil Lines, Delhi is known for offering excellent patient care. Dr. Anuj Jain holds an experience of 15 years and has extensive knowledge in the respective field of orthopaedics Know more..

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To provide the best, expert and the most affordable services in orthopaedics. Consult Delhi-NCR Leading Orthopedic and joint replacement surgeon Dr Anuj Jain - Knee and Joint Specialist. Orthopaedics OPD clinic in NOIDA, Delhi with Painless Treatment. 17+ Years Experience. 100% Safe Procedures in COVID-21 outbreak and also availabe on whatsapp Video Consultation.

Arthritis Treatment

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Knee Replacement

Total knee replacement,Partial knee replacement causes,treatment,types,diagnosis,exercise, Know more..

Arthroscopic Surgery

Types of Arthroscopic Surgery: Knee, Shoulder, and Ankle Arthroscopy.Know more..

Revision Joints surgery

Revision Knee and Hip replacement surgery procedures treatment, types, diagnosis, Know more..

Hip Replacement

Total HIP replacement, Partial HIP replacement causes, treatment, types, diagnosis,Know more..

Others Joints and Trauma cases

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Dr anuj came as survivor to my life in this pandemic time. He made me admitted to hospital immediately and getting quick treatment after getting seriously injured. He gave me personal attention and supported mentally a lot in the OT. This gave me a soothing and comforting feeling. I cannot thank him enough for making my hand move again. Feeling blessed to have such doctor 🙏 Warm Regards

Rajesh Aggarwal

Dr Anuj jain orthopaedic and joint replacement surgeon in Noida is a best orthopedic doctor.

dilip Agarwal

Dr Anuj jain is known to me since last 10 years ..and the way sir has established himself not only proffesionaly but personally because he is very humble ,and success rate in surgery is tremendous ..and organisations are made because of good human beings onoy and he has safe pair of hands regards sir.

ritu jain

Soft spoken, caring and always ready to hear patient's concern

ashwani kumar

Doctor Anuj Jain is the Very best of experienced in orthopedic and is most good surgeon doctor and too good consult for patients 😊😊😊

Anuradha Gautam

Dr. Anuj Jain's Bone and Joint Clinic Youtube Channel

Successful Orthopaedic Surgery patients video, testimonials and patients education video on Youtube by Dr. Anuj Jain, provide standardized & affordable healthcare services in Orthopaedics & Joint Replacements

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Frequently Asked Questioins

Some common FAQ for joint pain patients

  • Joint pain is a symptom and arthritis is one of the diseases causing joint pain.

  • Common causes of Joint pain are  Trauma or injury  Degenerative or age related  Severe inflammation like gout (hyperurecemia), inflammation of the cushioning pads around joints (bursitis), inflammation of tendon (tendinitis)  Infection in knee joint  overuse of a joint

  • Red flags sign: Severe joint pain Persistent joint pain more than 1 week Joint pain associated with morning stiffness Joint pain associated with fever and redness or swelling around the joint

  • You should consult an orthopedic surgeon for proper clinical examination He may advise you x rays (sometimes MRI) and blood investigation to identify the cause of joint pain.

  • Take rest Use ice packs U may use topical pain relievers or take no steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce pain, swelling, and inflammation. Stay physically active and do gentle stretching.

  • Steroid injection can be extremely effective in monoarthritis arthritis. These are only contraindicated in cases of infectious arthritis.

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Dr. Anuj Jain's bone and joint clinic

NOIDA Clinic Address

B 2, lower ground floor, opposite Hira sweets, Sector 50,Noida (U.P.)
Call: 0120-424 8901

Kailash Hospital & Neuro Institute, Noida

NH-1, Sector-71, Noida-201309,(U.P.)

Sant Parmanand Hospital

18, Sham Nath Marg, Civil Lines, New Delhi, Delhi 110054